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The butterflies and hummingbirds reappeared the morning after hurricane Irma passed through Florida, among them was this male pipevine swallowtail.


Pipevine swallowtails are found from central Florida northward to Ontario and Connecticut, westward to Arizona, plus an area of northern California and Mexico.
Also called the blue swallowtail, they are a mostly black butterfly with the males having a blue to blue-green iridescence on the upper side of the hind wings. Both sexes have faint light submarginal spots on both sets of wings and the underside of each hindwing has a blue iridescence and a row of seven orange spots.
Eggs are reddish-orange and the full-grown larvae are dark brown to nearly black with rows of orange or sometimes red tubercles. Pupae may be green or brown and widened with lateral flanges.
The larval host plants are members of the genus Aristolochia, known as pipevines, such as Dutchman's pipe.

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