Browser Information

This page will give you tips and information for you to fully appreciate this web site as intended on any operating system/browser combination.

All Systems

You will want to have javascript enabled for all features of this web site to work.


The default settings for Firefox 2 will prevent the photo window from appearing in top of all open browser windows after the first photo is viewed and the photo window is left open. There is a setting - shown below - that you can change in your browser to return to the intended behavior of the photo viewing window.

  1. With the Firefox 2 browser open:
    • On Windows computers, select Options from the Tools menu
    • On Apple Macs, select Preferences from the Firefox menu.
  2. Select Content from the categories listed across the top.
  3. In the uppermost pane, click the Advanced button (just below Exceptions).
  4. Check the setting Raise or Lower Windows in the list of things that Javascripts are allowed to do.
  5. Click OK to apply the change and close each window.

Internet Explorer

This web site should now work correctly with all versions of Internet Explorer, including IE 8, in either Normal or Compatibility Mode. If you are using the Internet Explorer browser, you should really consider trying out Firefox. On most systems, web browsing is faster, and it is much less susceptible to security issues.

Apple Mac Computers

There are currently no issues that I know of with Apple Mac computers and this web site. I do recommend using either Safari or Firefox on Macs, as Internet Explorer for Mac can render web sites in strange ways. I think all of the issues with this web site and IE for Mac have been resolved, but I still recommend using Safari or Firefox.

Report any problems

If you notice any problems with this web site, see the Contact Page to send an e-mail. Please let me know what the issue or problem is, on what page of the web site, and what operation system (Windows, Mac or other - including which version) and browser you were using when you experienced the issue.