n. the arrangement of the flowers on an axis


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n. a specialized, modified, and often reduced leaf or leaflike structure just below a flower or inflorescence

n. in conifers, one of the primary appendages of the cone axis, in the axils of which the ovuliferous scales are borne


n. a unusually large and solitary bract, surrounding or subtending an inflorescence


n. the stalk supporting either a flower cluster or a solitary flower when it is the only one in an inflorescence


n. stalk of one flower in an inflorescence


n. the outer, ligulate flowers of the Asteraceae

n. the branch of an umbel or umbelliform inflorescence


n. an inflorescence in which the pedicels arise from a common point


n. a compound inflorescence that is branched and with the pedicellate flowers maturing from the bottom upward


n. an elongated compound inflorescence that is unbranched and with the pedicellate flowers maturing from the bottom upward
compare with a spike, in which the individual flowers are sessile or subsessile


n. a raceme with the lower pedicels being longer and forming a flat-topped or rounded inflorescence


n. an unbranched inflorescence of sessile or subsessile flowers, maturing from the bottom upwards
compare with a raceme in which the individual flowers are stalked (have pedicels)

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