Wild Florida Photo - Family: Fabaceae - Pea




Chapmannia  floridana
Florida alicia
two flowers, one front view, one rear view

Members of the Fabaceae family at Wild Florida Photo:
Acacia - thorn trees, Shittah trees

0 species of Acacia at Wild Florida Photo

Vachellia farnesiana
Pineland acacia
branch with flowers

Amorpha - false indigo

1 species of Amorpha at Wild Florida Photo

Amorpha fruticosa
Bastard false indigo
branches showing leaves and flowers

Baptisia - wild indigo

2 species of Baptisia at Wild Florida Photo

Baptisia alba
White wild indigo

Canavalia - jackbean

1 species of Canavalia at Wild Florida Photo

Canavalia rosea
two flowers

Centrosema - butterfly pea

1 species of Centrosema at Wild Florida Photo

Centrosema virginianum
Spurred butterfly pea
flower and leaves

Cercis - redbud

1 species of Cercis at Wild Florida Photo

Cercis canadensis
Eastern redbud
branch with flowers

Chamaecrista - sensitive pea

3 species of Chamaecrista at Wild Florida Photo

Chamaecrista fasciculata
Partridge pea
plant with flowers and fruit

Chapmannia - chapmannia

1 species of Chapmannia at Wild Florida Photo

Chapmannia  floridana
Florida alicia
base of plant showing leaves

Clitoria - pigeonwings

1 species of Clitoria at Wild Florida Photo

Clitoria fragrans
Sweetscented pigeonwings
plant, not in bloom

Crotalaria - rattlebox

3 species of Crotalaria at Wild Florida Photo

Crotalaria rotundifolia
flower, stem & leaves

Dalea - prairie clover

1 species of Dalea at Wild Florida Photo

Dalea feayi
Feay's prairieclover
showing growth habit of plant

Delonix - delonix

1 species of Delonix at Wild Florida Photo

Delonix regia
Royal poinciana
flower close-up

Desmodium - ticktrefoil

3 species of Desmodium at Wild Florida Photo

Desmodium incanum
Zarzabacoa comun
fruit close-up

Erythrina - erythrina

1 species of Erythrina at Wild Florida Photo

Erythrina herbacea

Galactia - milkpea

5 species of Galactia at Wild Florida Photo

Galactia mollis
Soft milkpea
vine showing leaves and flower

Hylodesmum - ticktrefoil

1 species of Hylodesmum at Wild Florida Photo

Hylodesmum nudiflorum
Nakedflower ticktrefoil
flower side view and loment beginning to form showing persistent calyx

Indigofera - indigo

2 species of Indigofera at Wild Florida Photo

Indigofera suffruticosa
Anil de pasto
fruits and leaves

Kummerowia - kummerowia

1 species of Kummerowia at Wild Florida Photo

Kummerowia striata
Japanese clover
stem, leaves and closed flowers

Leucaena - leadtree

1 species of Leucaena at Wild Florida Photo

Leucaena leucocephala
branches, leaves and fruit

Lupinus - lupine

2 species of Lupinus at Wild Florida Photo

Lupinus diffusus
Skyblue lupine
showing plant form, leaves and flowers

Macroptilium - bushbean

1 species of Macroptilium at Wild Florida Photo

Macroptilium lathyroides
Wild bushbean
entire plant

Medicago - alfalfa

1 species of Medicago at Wild Florida Photo

Medicago polymorpha
Burr clover
flowers and leaves

Mimosa - sensitive plant

3 species of Mimosa at Wild Florida Photo

Mimosa strigillosa
inflorescence on stalk above mat of leafy branches viewd from above

Neptunia - puff

1 species of Neptunia at Wild Florida Photo

Neptunia pubescens
Tropical puff

Rhynchosia - snoutbean

2 species of Rhynchosia at Wild Florida Photo

Rhynchosia cinerea
Brownhair snoutbean

Senna - senna

4 species of Senna at Wild Florida Photo

Senna mexicana
Chapman's wild sensitive plant
showing rear of flowers

Sesbania - riverhemp

3 species of Sesbania at Wild Florida Photo

Sesbania herbacea

Sophora - necklacepod

1 species of Sophora at Wild Florida Photo

Sophora tomentosa
Yellow necklacepod
plant in bloom

Strophostyles - fuzzybean

1 species of Strophostyles at Wild Florida Photo

Strophostyles helvula
Trailing fuzzybean
vine with leaves and showing a flower

Tamarindus - tamarind

1 species of Tamarindus at Wild Florida Photo

Tamarindus indica

Tephrosia - hoarypea

2 species of Tephrosia at Wild Florida Photo

Tephrosia virginiana
Goat's rue
close-up of flowers

Vachellia - thorn trees, Shittah trees

3 species of Vachellia at Wild Florida Photo


showing leaves, flowers and thorns

Vigna - cowpea

1 species of Vigna at Wild Florida Photo

Vigna luteola
Hairypod cowpea
partially open flowers, leaves and fruit showing hairs

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Fabaceae is a member of the Order Fabales