Wild Florida Photo - Suborder: Anisoptera - Dragonflies

Suborder: Anisoptera - Dragonflies

Members of the Anisoptera suborder at Wild Florida Photo

Aeshnidae - Darners

Common green darner - female side view
Anax junius
Common green darner

female side view

Corduliidae - Emeralds

Prince baskettail - in flight
Epitheca princeps
Prince baskettail

in flight

Gomphidae - Clubtails

Two-striped forceptail - side view
Aphylla williamsoni
Two-striped forceptail

side view

Libellulidae - Skimmers

Four-spotted pennant - side view, perched on stick
Brachymesia gravida
Four-spotted pennant

side view, perched on stick

Anisoptera is a member of the Odonata - dragonflies - Order

Other members of the Odonata order

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