Other Orders in the Mammalia Class

  • Artiodactyla - even-toed ungulates

  • Carnivora - carnivores

  • Cetacea - whales, dolphins and porpoises

  • Chiroptera - bats

  • Didelphimorphia - American marsupials

  • Lagomorpha - hares, pikas & rabbits

  • Rodentia - rodents

  • Sirenia - sea cows, manatees and dugongs

  • Xenarthra - armadillos, sloths, and anteaters

  • Note that this is not yet a complete listing of all Order Chiroptera in Florida, only those contained in the Wild Florida Photo database.

    Select images by Paul Rebmann are now available for purchase online through Paul Rebmann Nature Photography at pixels.com.

    Paul Rebmann Nature Photography at pixels.com
    Images shown in the above slide-show are now available direct online through Paul Rebmann Nature Photography at pixels.com.

    Animal Kingdom


    Order: Chiroptera

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