Wild Florida Photo - Order: Squamata - lizards, snakes and worm lizards

Order: Squamata - lizards, snakes and worm lizards

Collier Co. FL 12/19/03Agkistrodon piscivorus
Florida cottonmouth
juvenile with mouth open

Members of the Squamata order at Wild Florida Photo

Colubridae - Colubrids - nonvenomous snakes

Florida water snake - swimming in pond
Nerodia fasciata
Florida water snake

swimming in pond

Elapidae - Cobras, Kraits, Coral & Sea snakes

Eastern coral snake - 
Micrurus fulvius
Eastern coral snake

Gekkonidae - Geckos

Mediterranean gecko - view from above
Hemidactylus turcicus
Mediterranean gecko

view from above

Iguanidae - Iguanas

Leiocephalidae - Curly-tailed Lizards

Northern curly-tailed lizard - side view
Leiocephalus carinatus
Northern curly-tailed lizard

side view

Phrynosomatidae - North American spiny lizards and allies

Eastern fence lizard - female lizard on thumb, size view
Sceloporus undulatus
Eastern fence lizard

female lizard on thumb, size view

Polychrotidae - Anoles

Green anole - side view of head, close-up
Anolis carolinensis
Green anole

side view of head, close-up

Scincidae - Skinks

Broad-headed skink - juvenile or female - labial scales visible
Eumeces laticeps
Broad-headed skink

juvenile or female - labial scales visible

Teiidae - Whiptails & Tegus

Six-lined racerunner - 
Cnemidophorus sexlineatus
Six-lined racerunner

Viperidae - Vipers & Pit Vipers

Florida cottonmouth - at base of Tupelo
Agkistrodon piscivorus
Florida cottonmouth

at base of Tupelo

Squamata is a member of the Reptilia - Reptiles - Class

Other members of the Reptilia class

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