December 2017
          What do hurricanes have to do with mushrooms? And mushrooms come in various shapes & sizes...
                            Posted: 2017-12-07

October 2017
          The most convenient total solar eclipse in 47 years called for trying some new photography...
                            Posted: 2017-10-10

August 2017
          The life cycle of tiny spiderling plume moths: eggs, larvae, pupa, adults...
                            Posted: 2017-08-30

June 2017
          Pollinator week is in June. Pollinators are not just honey bees and Monarchs...
                            Posted: 2017-06-11

May 2017
          Life on the dunes, beach bunnies, searockets, survival and resurgence...
                            Posted: 2017-05-01

March 2017
          Sandhill cranes in Florida are like the people, there are locals and also snowbirds...
                            Posted: 2017-03-14

February 2017
          6 more weeks of winter like Florida has had so far is pretty much the same as spring....
                            Posted: 2017-02-07

December 2016
          Hurricane, drought, wildfires, abbreviated Appalachian Trail hike. An interesting autumn this year...
                            Posted: 2016-12-12

Hurricane Matthew edition
          Only in Florida program postponed due to Hurricane Matthew, canvas sale extended
                            Posted: 2016-10-04

September 2016
          Bartram's Ixia found only in Florida is named for William Bartram who described it in his Travels
                            Posted: 2016-09-29

August 2016
          Dwarf Cypress - A forest of centuries-old cypress less than 15 feet tall
                            Posted: 2016-08-15

May-June 2016
          Pitcherplants in May - insect eating plants on display in the forests of Florida
                            Posted: 2016-06-07

April 2016
          Ocklawaha River springs and other sights exposed during drawdown of Rodman Reservoir, highlights of 2 kayak outings.
                            Posted: 2016-04-29

March 2016
          Both William Bartram and Andre Michaux discover a new pawpaw in 18th century Florida. This turned out to be Asimina obovata, a pawpaw found only in Florida.
                            Posted: 2016-03-20

February 2016
          Ever wonder about the flora & fauna that is found only in Florida?
                            Posted: 2016-02-24

January 2016
          Unseasonable heat, winter blooms, El Niño, what's next?
                            Posted: 2016-01-26

December 2015
          2015 Year in Review - the photographer's favorite images of the past 12 months
                            Posted: 2015-12-15

November 2015
          OptOutside and a first camping trip with children to enjoy the outdoors unplugged
                            Posted: 2015-11-26

October 2015
          Lake Disston a Florida Outstanding Water & Audubon IBA is a great nature photography spot...
                            Posted: 2015-10-20

July 2015
          Paul Rebmann Nature Photography now appearing in two Florida exhibits
                            Posted: 2015-07-31

June 2016
          Award winning Golden-Silk Spider and more spiders and webs in this edition.
                            Posted: 2015-06-30

May 2015
          Florida State Forests: great places to find photographic subjects and more...
                            Posted: 2015-05-26

April 2015
          Florida Orchids, people's obsession with, exploring for, and photographing these beautiful little treasures of nature...
                            Posted: 2015-04-30

March 2015
          Florida's Ocklawaha River flows north 74 miles from Lake Harris, along the western border of the Ocala national Forest and enters the St. Johns River just upstream of Welaka. The sections of the Ocklawaha that are still natural are some of the most scenic waterways in Florida and make for excellent canoeing and kayaking.
                            Posted: 2015-03-25

February 2015
          Appalachian Trail Photography. What does the AT have to do with Apalachicola oysters?
                            Posted: 2015-02-19

January 2015
          A recap of all 2014 blog posts by Paul Rebmann comprising a summary of the first year of blogging.
                            Posted: 2015-01-31

December 2014
          Operation Migration brings young whooping cranes to Florida each winter.
                            Posted: 2014-12-12

November 2014
          Photography from a kayak.
                            Posted: 2014-11-25

October 2014
          The first Nature Photography by Paul Rebmann newsletter, Halifax Art Festival.
                            Posted: 2014-10-31

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