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Kapok & ceiba trees, Havana's 500th Anniversary, street art & a garden party in Artisan Alley...

Welcome to the Paul Rebmann Nature Photography Newsletter November 2019 edition.

This month marks the 500th anniversary of the founding of Havana under a ceiba tree in Cuba.
The ceiba tree is more commonly known as kapok tree in English speaking countries. The scientific binomial name is Ceiba pentandra and another common name is white silk cotton tree for the silky fluff surrounding the seeds in the fruit of this tree. This silky fluff is also known as kapok and was frequently used as the flotation substance in life jackets before synthetic replacements were created. Ceiba trees are fast-growing and large with substantial root buttresses. Kapok trees bloom from December to February before the leaves appear.
 ceiba tree in Havana
Another species of ceiba is C. speciosa. Usually called the silk floss tree, it is also known as false kapok tree. While none of the Ceiba species are native to Florida, both of these can be found in landscapes in south Florida and occassionally in the central peninsula. Silk floss trees bloom in fall and early winter with showy hibiscus-like flowers that are funnel-shaped, having five rose-purple petals with creamy-white to yellowish-white throats and dark red lines. The fruit is a pear-shaped capsule containing seeds embedded in silky white floss.
 silk floss tree flower with leaves in the background
Both of these ceiba trees have trunks with short, stout spikes.
 silk floss tree trunk showing spikes

In honor of the 500th anniversary of Havana my November blog post shows a selection of street art - murals, signs, graffiti and a sculpture - that was photographed in February of this year. To read this (and earlier blog posts) click here.

Paul Rebmann Nature Photography/Wild Florida Photo will be participating in the Artisan Alley Garden Party on the weekend before Thanksgiving in downtown DeLand. Stop by to check out the many new note card gift box sets and other nature photography items from 10am-5pm Saturday & Sunday, November 23 & 24.
For more information and the schedule of events visit the Garden Party Facebook Page. Artisan Alley runs from New York Ave (Hwy 44) south to Georgia Ave in DeLand, just west of Woodland Blvd (US 17/92), near the Persimmon Hollow Brewing Co.

For details on this and other events, visit the Wild Florida Photo events page.

The home page at Wild Florida Photo will no longer have a single featured photo that changes periodically. The new mobile friendly page will now always show the latest addition or update in each of the categories of plant, animal and other subjects. The next event for Paul Rebmann Nature Photography and the latest blog and newsletter will also be shown on the home page. Many of the other Wild Florida Photo pages have been updated to this new modern style. Some pages will still come up in the old style as the site is gradually updated. I hope that you will find the new pages easier to read and view the photos, especially on mobile devices and the home page fresher as the content changes more frequently than in the past.

Just a few of the items available with Paul Rebmann Nature Photography images.
Metal Prints
CubaWoman on Wall metal printCubaWoman on Wall metal print
A metal print of the photograph of the wire sculpture embedded in a wall in Havana that is simultaneously shaped like the main island of Cuba and a kneeling woman leaning way backwards. See the latest blog post for more about this street art.
Tote Bags
La Habana 500 tote bagLa Habana 500 tote bag
2019 is the 500th anniversary of the founding of Havana. "La Habana 500" is a photograph I made of street art by aolivera that was near the casa particular where we stayed the first and last nights in Cuba.

Thank you, and I hope that you enjoy my photography.
Paul Rebmann
Wild Florida Photo
Twitter @WildFlPhoto

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