Wild Florida Photo -Mammatus Clouds

Mammatus Clouds

Volusia Co. FL 10/09/08
Volusia Co. FL 10/09/08
Volusia Co. FL 10/09/08

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On October 9, 2008 a group of severe thunderstorms, some of which contained tornadoes, moved through Volusia County Florida. At 5 pm the sky was as dark as in the middle of a moonless, cloudy night. About an hour after the storms passed through, the sky took on an eerie yellow cast that was even noticeable indoors. I went outside and saw these unusual cloud formations that I later learned are called mammatus clouds.
Mammatus clouds often form before or after intense thunderstorm and/or tornado activity. The name is derived from the Latin word for breast - mamma.
As some time passed, the sky color deepened to the more typical orange of sunset, as can be seen in the additional photos, and the mammatus clouds dissipated. No filters were used in taking any of these photographs, nor were the colors changed digitally.

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