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There has been an increasing awareness recently of the import role that pollinators play in the natural ecosystems and the complex web of life. Part of this awareness has come as a result of the problems with honeybees and their Colony Collapse Disorder, which makes the role of native pollinators even more important. Movements such as Bringing Nature Home and The Meadow Project have shown how keeping and reintroducing native plants into even a portion of our home and business landscapes can help greatly in providing the food and habitat for various pollinators, which in turn often provide food for other wildlife that we enjoy, especially the birds. So with that in mind, this page will feature a selection of pollinators that I have captured in my photography for you to enjoy.

Below are links to this website's subject pages for the various pollinators and wildflowers where you can find more photographs of and information about each.
Black Swallowtail Purple Thistle
Palamedes Swallowtail Elliot's Aster
Monarch Spotted Beebalm, Horsemint
Cloudless Sulphur Carolina Desertchickory, False Dandelion
Zebra Longwings Beggarticks
Gulf Fritillary Feay's Prairieclover
Poecilognathus Bee Fly Florida Scrub Roseling

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