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An index of the various fungi images at Wild FLorida Photo.

Kingdom: Fungi
 Phylum: Ascomycota Sac fungi
  Class: Ascomycetes or Lecanoromycetes
   Order: Lecanorales
    Family: Cladoniaceae
     Genus: Cladina reindeer lichen
           Cladina sp. - Deer Lichen
    Family: Parmeliaceae
     Genus: Usnea
           Usnea strigosa - Old Man's Beard
  Phylum: Basidiomycota
    Class: Agaricomycetes
      Order: Boletales
        Family: Diplocystaceae
       Genus: Astraeus
          Astraeus hygrometricus - Barometer Earthstar
      Order: Russulales
        Family: Auriscalpiaceae
     Genus: Artomyces
           Artomyces pyxidatus - CROWN-TIPPED CORAL FUNGUS
    Class: Basidiomycetes
      Order: Agaricales
        Family: Agaricaceae (formerly classed as Nidulariaceae)
           Cyathus striatus - Fluted Bird's Nest
        Family: Omphalotus
     Genus: Omphalotus
           Omphalotus illudens - Jack O'Lantern Mushroom
      Order: Phallales
        Family: Phallaceae
           Clathrus columnatus - Columned Stinkhorn
           Phallus ravenelii - Ravenel's Stinkhorn


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