Wild Florida Photo - Orthemis ferruginea - Roseate skimmer

Orthemis ferruginea

Roseate skimmer

Florida native

Volusia Co. FL 07/25/08
Volusia Co. FL 07/25/08
Volusia Co. FL 07/25/08
Volusia Co. FL 07/25/08

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These dragonflies can be found throughout Florida around ponds and other quiet water with vegetation nearby. They range across the southern United States from North Carolina to California. Also found in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America plus Hawaii.
The males are distinctive with two forms. The more widespread is the pink form, with a pink to bluish thorax and a pink to red-violet abdomen. The red form is found mainly in the Keys and is bright red overall. Females and juveniles have a rusty-brown abdomen and a brown thorax with white markings on the sides.


Orthemis ferruginea is a member of the Libellulidae - Skimmers family.

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