Wild Florida Photo - Melanerpes carolinus

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Melanerpes carolinus


Florida native


Red-bellied woodpeckers are the most common woodpecker in Florida. The range extends throughout most of the eastern United States.
They are medium sized woodpeckers at 23.5 cm (9-1/4 in.) long with a wingspan of 40.6 cm (16 in.). Bodies are a very pale brown with a pale red lower belly and a striking red nape (back of head and neck). Wings and back are black and white barred, the rump has a white patch with black speckles. Females lack red on top of the head.
In south Florida red-bellies have less white on the rump and the males have a brownish patch on the forehead.

Red-bellied Woodpecker by Paul Rebmann Red-bellied Woodpecker #2 by Paul Rebmann

Melanerpes carolinus is a member of the Picidae - Woodpeckers and Wrynecks family.

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