Wild Florida Photo - Dumetella carolinensis

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Dumetella carolinensis


Florida native


While gray catbirds may occasionally be found year-round - mostly in central and northern Florida - they are common statewide in winter and can be abundant during migration. The preferred habitat is dense thickets of shrubs and vines in woodlands, but also occasional in residential areas. I have noticed that most of my catbird sightings also include cardinals.
Distinctly uniform slaty gray, with a dark blackish cap and rufous rump (the undertail coverts). Smaller than their kin the mockingbird, Dumetella carolinensis are typically 21.5 cm (8-1/2 in.) long and have a wingspan of 28 cm (11 in.).
Catbirds have several calls, one is their namesake cat-like mewing mwee or meeur. Other songs can last for minutes and consist of seemingly random whistles, squeaks, whines, gurgles and other sounds.

Dumetella carolinensis is a member of the Mimidae - Mockingbirds and Thrashers family.

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