Wild Florida Photo - Bubo scandiacus

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Bubo scandiacus


Synonym: Nyctea scandiaca

Not native to Florida


This immature female snowy owl that visited Little Talbot Island State Park in the winter of 2014 is only the third reported sighting of this species in Florida. They can be found year-round along the northern edge of North America with summer breeding in the arctic tundra. Normal winter range includes much of Canada and just into the northern United States, with occasional visits farther into the lower 48. Some years, such as the year this owl visited Florida, there are many snowy owls seen farther south than usual.
Even larger than great horned owls, adults can weigh 4 pounds and stand 58cm (23 in.) tall with a wingspan of 1.3 m (52 in.). Males are nearly pure white with some faint barring. Fledglings are gray and immature owls are white with dense dark bars. Adult females are between immature and male in coloring. All snowys have white faces and eyes that are smaller, relative to their body, than most other owls.
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Bubo scandiacus is a member of the Strigidae - Typical Owls family.

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