Wild Florida Photo - Verrucosa arenata - Arrowhead spider

Verrucosa arenata

Arrowhead spider
Triangle orbweaver

Florida native

Volusia Co. FL 11/06/18
This distinctive spider is usually found in shady woods. The range extends throughout the southeastern states, west into Texas to Nebraska, and north into Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
Unlike most of the orbweavers that hang in their webs with their heads down, the arrowhead spider rests with its head up. They also often keep their legs tucked up close to the body. Another common name is the triangle orbweaver. The abdomen is shaped like an arrowhead, with a bright white or yellow triangle on top. This triangle often has red makings. The rest of the body is a reddish-brown.
Polk Co. FL 10/01/16
Polk Co. FL 10/01/16
Volusia Co. FL 11/06/18

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Verrucosa arenata is a member of the Araneidae - Orb-weavers family.

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