Wild Florida Photo - Spilosoma congrua - Agreeable tiger moth

Spilosoma congrua

Agreeable tiger moth
Yellow-legged tiger moth

Florida native

Flagler Co. FL 02/24/11
This moth ranges through much of the Eastern United States, west into North Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas. Also found in Ontario and New Brunswick.
Mostly white, with a few black spots on the forewings. The edge of the front legs are often yellow-orange. If any black on the legs, it is not separated into multiple bands (which would be S.virginica - Virginian tiger moth).
Flagler Co. FL 02/24/11
Flagler Co. FL 02/24/11
Flagler Co. FL 02/24/11
Flagler Co. FL 02/24/11

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Spilosoma congrua is a member of the Erebidae - Quadrifid noctuids family.

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