Wild Florida Photo - Sanguinaria canadensis - Bloodroot

Sanguinaria canadensis


Florida native

Cohutta Wilderness, GA 04/22/04
Bartram's Garden, Philadelphia, PA 03/29/08
Bartram's Garden, Philadelphia, PA 03/29/08
Cohutta Wilderness, GA 04/22/04

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Bloodroot ranges throughout the United States east of the Rocky Mountains, but in Florida it is only found in the panhandle and the extreme northern part of the state. Its habitat is slope forests, bluffs and calcareous hammocks. Sanguinaria canadensis usually has one leaf and one flower, each on separate stems. The white flowers typically have eight petals, but can have up to twice that many. Growing as tall as 10-12 inches, it is usually much shorter at flowering time.


Sanguinaria canadensis is a member of the Papaveraceae - Poppy family.

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