Wild Florida Photo - Krameria lanceolata - Trailing krameria

Krameria lanceolata

Trailing krameria

Florida native

Marion Co. FL 05/27/05
Marion Co. FL 05/27/05
Lake Co. FL 05/13/04
Marion Co. FL 05/27/05
Marion Co. FL 05/27/05

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This low-growing plant is found sparsely in sandhills of the north and central peninsula and the central and western panhandle of Florida. The range extends into Georgia and throughout the southwestern United States. Krameria lanceolata is the only species of this genus in the southeast, the others occurring in the deserts of the southwest.
The trailing stems, alternate narrow leaves and peduncles are covered with ascending silky gray hairs. Flowers are irregular, with 4 or 5 petallike reddish-purple sepals and 5 petals. Three of the petals are fused together into a claw with three deep-red limbs or blades. The four stamens are united to the base of this petal structure. The other two petals are short, thick and scalelike.


Krameria lanceolata is a member of the Krameriaceae - Krameria family.

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