Wild Florida Photo - Crinum americanum

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Crinum americanum




Florida native


A frequent lily of swamps, marshes and wet hammocks in much of Florida and throughout the southeastern United States from Texas to North Carolina.
String lily is a perenial growing from a large bulb with a rosette of ligulate leaves up to one meter (39 in.) long. The large white flowers are in an umbel above a pair of bracts topping a scape that can be up to 1.2 m (~4 ft.) tall. The perianth is salverform - having a long, narrow, straight tube with six abruptly, often reflexively, spreading, narrowly lanceolate or linear limb segments (tepals). There are six long stamens with brownish-red anthers. The fruits are capsules with fleshy seeds.
C. americanum is the only native species of Crinum in Florida.
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Crinum americanum is a member of the Amaryllidaceae - Amaryllis family.

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