Wild Florida Photo - Rhexia virginica

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Rhexia virginica




Florida native


A frequent small herbaceous plant of flatwoods, bogs and cyress pond margins across the northern border of Florida. This includes most of the panhandle and the most northern part of the peninsula and down the Atlantic coast into Flagler County. The range extends from Texas to Michigan and thoughout the entire eastern United States plus Britich Columbia, Ontario and Nova Scotia. R. virginica is the only Rhexia species found in Canada.
The flowers have pink to purple petals. The showy bright yellow stamens are tipped with long curved anthers. The lanceolate to ovate leaves are subsessile. All four faces of the stem are nearly equal in width and flat at mid-height. The stem and leaves have at least some trichomes.

Rhexia virginica is a member of the Melastomataceae - Melastome family.

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