Wild Florida Photo - Asimina angustifolia

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Asimina angustifolia


Synonym: Asimina longifolia var. longifolia

Florida native


A frequent small perennial shrub growing up to 1.2 dm (4 feet) in sandhills, flatwoods and scrub in the big bend area of Florida from Taylor County to Levy County and east to Columbia, Union, Bradford & Putnam Counties.
The white flowers appear in the leaf axils from April through July and also in November. The long, thin leaves are alternate and narrow at the base.
Previously known as Asimina longifolia var. longifolia, the longifolia species has been split, with this variety now A. angustifolia and A. l. spatulata now Asimina spatulata.

Asimina angustifolia is a member of the Annonaceae - Custard-apple family.

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