Wild Florida Photo - Prunus serotina - Black cherry

Prunus serotina var. serotina

Black cherry

Florida native

Volusia Co. FL 03/11/07
Alachua Co. FL 04/22/07
Volusia Co. FL 03/11/07
Volusia Co. FL 03/11/07
Volusia Co. FL 04/28/07

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Black cherry occurs frequently in river swamps and disturbed sites through much of the panhandle, plus the north and central peninsula The range extends throughout the eastern United States, as far west as Texas to North Dakota, excluding South Dakota. In Canada, Prunus serotina var. serotina is found in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.
Another variant of this species - Prunus serotina var. alabamensis is found in Florida only in the central and western panhandle, usually in mesic forests. The range of Alabama black cherry is limited to the southeastern coastal states from Mississippi into North Carolina.


Prunus serotina is a member of the Rosaceae - Rose family.

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