Wild Florida Photo - Silene catesbaei

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Silene catesbaei



Synonym: Silene polypetala

Florida native

Endangered Florida species

U.S. Endangered species

This distinctive little flower occurs in the Florida panhandle near the upper Apalachicola River and Lake Seminole. Silene catesbaei is also found in the Flint and Ocmulgee River drainages in the lower Piedmont Plateau of west-central Georgia and extreme southwestern Georgia near Lake Seminole. The habitat is usually mid to lower areas of hardwood slope forests and stream terraces.
A perennial herb that spreads by runners rooting at nodes, with only the flowering stems held erect. The five deeply fringed petals are bright pink when fresh, sometimes fading to a lighter shade. When not in bloom, eastern fringed catchfly can be identified by the hairy winged leafstalks.

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Silene catesbaei is a member of the Caryophyllaceae - Pink family.

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