Wild Florida Photo - Dendrophylax lindenii - Ghost orchid

Dendrophylax lindenii

Ghost orchid
White frog orchid

Synonym(s): Polyradicion lindenii, Polyrrhiza lindenii

Florida native

Endangered Florida species

Collier Co. FL 08/01/08
Collier Co. FL 05/21/09
Collier Co. FL 05/21/09
Collier Co. FL 08/01/08
Collier Co. FL 08/01/08

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This rare epiphytic orchid of cypress swamps and wet hammocks in southwest Florida and Cuba is possibly the best known and one of the least seen orchids in Florida.
This leafless plant consists mainly of gray-green roots with short white markings that radiate out along the surface of the supporting tree. The large white flowers can bloom from April through September with each flower lasting about two weeks.
Ghost orchids are pollinated by the giant sphinx moth.


Dendrophylax lindenii is a member of the Orchidaceae - Orchid family.

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