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Ipomoea pandurata

Wild potato vine

Florida native

Leon Co. FL 07/03/05
Leon Co. FL 07/03/05

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A frequent vine of sandhills, dry hammocks and ruderal sites through most of the panhandle and the north and central peninsula of Florida. The range includes the entire southeastern United States, west as far as Texas, north to Nebraska and northeast into New York and Massachusetts.
A twining or climbing perennial vine with a sparesly pubescent stem and an enlarged root. Leaves are alternate, entire and heart shaped, widest at the base. The flowers are white with a purple throat.
Other large white flowered morning glories of roadsides and disturbed sites include Ipomoea alba - moonflower - with a very long narrow throat. Merremia dissecta - noyau vine - is not native and has white flowers with rose-red throats and deeply discected leaves with 7-9 lobes. Calystegia sepium - hedge false bindweed - has white flowers with a white throat and triangular or arrow shaped leaves.


Ipomoea pandurata is a member of the Convolvulaceae - Morning-glory family.

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