Wild Florida Photo - Agalinis fasciculata

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Agalinis fasciculata


Florida native


A common plant of bogs, wet flatwoods and lake margins throughout most of the state. The range includes all of the southeast, extending west into Texas, the lower midwest and also the mid-Atlantic states.
The stem is rough, with angled branches and growing to a meter (~ 3 ft.) tall or more. The rose-purple five-lobed flowers appear in the summer and fall. The outer corolla, the inner bases of the two upper lobes and the throat are hairy. The throat is pale with yellow lines and purple dots. The pedicels are less than 1.5 times the length of the mature calyx and the capsule. The calyx is five-lobed.

Agalinis fasciculata is a member of the Orobanchaceae - Broom-rape family.