Wild Florida Photo - Clitoria fragrans - Sweetscented pigeonwings

Clitoria fragrans

Sweetscented pigeonwings

Florida native

Endemic to Florida

Endangered Florida species

U.S. Threatened species

Polk Co. FL 01/06/08

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This rare wildflower is found in sandhills and scrub only in Marion, Lake, Orange, Polk and Highlands Counties of Florida.
Clitoria species can be differentiated from members of the Centrosema genus by having much shorter calyx lobes that are less than the length of the tube.
Both C. fragrans and C. mariana have trifoliate leaves. Sweetscented pigeonwings has leaflets of the upper leaves that are linear to linear-lanceolate. Atlantic pigeonwings (C. mariana) has upper leaflets that are ovate to ovate-lanceolate.


Clitoria fragrans is a member of the Fabaceae - Pea family.

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