Wild Florida Photo - Phoradendron leucarpum

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Phoradendron leucarpum



Florida native


A frequent parasitic plant of various trees, usually hardwoods, throughout most of Florida. The range extends throughout the southeastern states, west to New Mexico and Kansas, and north into Illinois through New York.
Mistletoe has a clumping, ball-shaped growth form. Leaves are opposite,, thick, leathery and evergreen. Phoradendron leucarpum has white or yellowish-white berries.
Oak mistletoe is a larval host plant for Atlides halesus, the great purple hairstreak butterfly.
This is the only mistletoe species in most of Florida. Mahogany mistletoe - Phoradendron rubrum - only occurs in Miami-Dade County and the Florida Keys. It has berries that are lemon-yellow to orange.

Phoradendron leucarpum is a member of the Viscaceae - Christmas Mistletoe family.

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