Wild Florida Photo - Utricularia cornuta

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Utricularia cornuta


Florida native


A frequent small plant of pond and lake margins and bogs throughout most of Florida. Horned bladderwort can be found, although sometimes in few locations, in all of the states east of the Mississippi River, plus Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Minnesota and Washington. In Canada it occurs mostly near the Great Lakes and coastal areas, and not in British Columbia nor the territories.
The leaves, stems and bladders of this terrestrial herb are underground, with only the flowering scape appearing above ground. Utricularia cornuta has 2 to 5 yellow flowers on a 10-25.5cm (4-10 in.) long leafless stalk. The lower expanded flowers reach up to or exceed the unopened buds above them. The corollas are two-lipped, with the lower lip at least 13mm (1/2 in.) long, a downward pointing spur 7-14mm (1/4 - 1/2 in.) long and an elevated palate.

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Utricularia cornuta is a member of the Lentibulariaceae - Bladderwort family.

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