Wild Florida Photo - Nothoscordum bivalve

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Nothoscordum bivalve



Florida native


This perennial is found in wet hammocks and disturbed sites from the central peninsula northward, plus Lee County. The range extends throughout the southeast from Virginia through Texas, and north to Ohio through Nebraska.
The flowers have 6 white to cream colored tepals, the outer ones at least having a red to purplish midvein on the outside. Plants grow up to 33cm (13 in.) tall with narrow grass-like basal leaves less than 5mm (3/16 in.) wide.
The Alliaceae family was formerly included in a broadly defined Liliaceae family and is now sometimes classified as a subfamily of Amaryllidaceae. Some still consider Nothoscordum bivalve a member of the Liliaceae family.

Nothoscordum bivalve is a member of the Alliaceae - Onion family.

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