Wild Florida Photo - Burmannia biflora - Bluethread

Burmannia biflora

Northern bluethread

Florida native

Volusia Co. FL 11/23/13
Volusia Co. FL 11/23/13
Volusia Co. FL 11/23/13

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An occasional little wildflower of wet hammocks, flatwoods, bogs and marshes in scattered locations throughout Florida, The range includes the southeastern coastal states from Texas to Virginia.
This unusual looking flower or bud was tiny on a short stem growing out of the pine needles on the ground in a low wet pine flatwoods. There appear to be three flower parts, violet wings, yellow petals or tips and three stamens. The flower is 5mm (0.2 in.) tall. A single stem, growing to about 65mm (2-1/2 in.) tall. with 1-5 flowers and buds at the top, maturing from the top down. The minute leaves are alternate, entire, lanceolate, 3mm long and ascending and clasping the stem. This was seen in November in the Longleaf Pine Preserve in Volusia County, Florida.


Burmannia biflora is a member of the Burmanniaceae - Burmannia family.

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