Wild Florida Photo - Sesuvium portulacastrum - Shoreline seapurslane

Sesuvium portulacastrum

Shoreline seapurslane

Florida native

Martin Co. FL 03/05/17
Monroe Co. FL 02/02/20
Monroe Co. FL 02/02/20
Flagler Co. FL 02/24/11
Flagler Co. FL 02/24/11

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A frequent succulent of dunes, brackish marshes and salt flats in most of coastal Florida except the Big Bend. The range includes the southeastern coastal states from Texas to North Carolina. It is also found in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania bordering the Delaware River.
Stems are reddish, prostrate and ascending. The leaves are opposite, narrow and green sometimes with some red. Flowers appear for only a day in the leaf axils and are star shaped. Petals are lacking, the sepals are green on the outside and pink on the inside. There are numerous stamens (more than 5) per flower.


Sesuvium portulacastrum is a member of the Aizoaceae - Mesembryanthemum family.

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