Wild Florida Photo - Sabatia calycina - Coastal rose gentian

Sabatia calycina

Coastal rose gentian

Florida native

Collier Co. FL 12/19/03
Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve, Collier Co. FL 12/19/03
Wakulla Co. FL 05/26/07
Wakulla Co. FL 05/26/07
Wakulla Co. FL 05/26/07
Ocala National Forest 02/21/04

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This short-lived perennial is frequent throughout much of Florida in floodplain forests, flatwoods and pond margins. The range extends throughout the southeastern coastal plain from Texas to Virgina, and can also be found in Cuba.
The flowers have six or more white to pink petals with a yellow eye in the center and are on pedicels over 1 cm long. The uppermost branches of Sabatia calycina are usually alternate and the overall height ranges from 10-30 cm (4-12 in.).


Sabatia calycina is a member of the Gentianaceae - Gentian family.

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