Wild Florida Photo - Consolea corallicola - Semaphore pricklypear

Consolea corallicola

Semaphore pricklypear
Semaphore cactus

Synonym(s): Opuntia corallicola

Florida native

Endemic to Florida

Endangered Florida species

U.S. Endangered species

Monroe Co. FL 05/20/18
Monroe Co. FL 05/20/18
Monroe Co. FL 05/20/18
Monroe Co. FL 05/20/18
Monroe Co. FL 05/20/18
Monroe Co. FL 05/20/18

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This rare endangered cactus is only found in tropical rockland hammocks in the Florida Keys. Historically also found on coastal berms and in Miami-Dade County.
This is an erect pricklypear with a cylindrical trunk up to 2.4m (8 ft.) tall and and overall cactus height of 1-4.5m (3-15 ft.). Older branches are green pads held perpendicular to the ground, two to four times as long as wide and curving upward. Young branches are cylindrical, forming at the ends of the older branches with the flowers and fruit appearing at their tips. The spines are up to 10cm (4 in.) long in clusters of two to four typically with one spine much longer than the others. The flowers are orange to red, up to 2.5cm (1.in.) across and have numerous stamens. The fruit is yellow, fleshy and flattened up to 8cm (3-1/4 in.) long with spines.

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Consolea corallicola is a member of the Cactaceae - Cactus family.

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