Wild Florida Photo - Mimosa microphylla - Sensitive brier

Mimosa microphylla

Sensitive brier
Littleleaf sensitive-brier

Synonym(s): Mimosa quadrivalvis angustata

Florida native

Hamilton Co. FL 07/03/10
Hamilton Co. FL 07/03/10
Volusia Co. FL 06/18/05
Hamilton Co. FL 07/03/10
Hamilton Co. FL 07/03/10
Hamilton Co. FL 07/03/10
Hamilton Co. FL 07/03/10

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A frequent perennial of sandhills, flatwoods and mesic hammocks throughout most of Florida. The range includes the southeastern states north into Virginia and Kentucky, west into Louisiana and Texas, plus Kansas and Illinois.
This is a low-growing wildflower with prickles on the stems, leaves, peduncles and fruit. The alternate leaves are bi-pinnate (twice compound), with each pinna having 12-16 pairs of leaflets. The small leaflets are linear with a minutely pointed tip (mucronate) and only the midvein evident on the underside. The fruit is a legume with branching prickles that are only slightly curved.


Mimosa microphylla is a member of the Fabaceae - Pea family.

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