Wild Florida Photo - Anax junius

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Anax junius


Florida native


Common green darners can be found almost anywhere in Florida but are more frequent near ponds, swamps and marshes, both freshwater and slightly brackish. They range throughout the United States north into Canada from Nova Scotia to British Columbia and south into Central America to Costa Rica.
The darners have eyes that touch and often perch hanging vertically. The common green darner can most easily be identified by the green thorax and face with a target-like pattern on the head (above the face in front of the eyes). Mature males have a blue to purplish abdomen, which are rusty brown to purple in females. The immature dragonflies have red abdomens, and can look similar to a comet darner, except for the bull's-eye mark, which is absent in the comet darners. Anax junius are from 68-80mm (2-2/3 - 3-1/8 in.) long with a wingspan around 10cm (4 in.).

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Anax junius is a member of the Aeshnidae - Darners family.

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