Wild Florida Photo - Clematis crispa

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Clematis crispa


Florida native


This perennial climbing or trailing vine of floodplain forests and wet hammocks is found throughout the Florida panhandle and most counties of the northern and central peninsula. The range extends throughout the southeastern United States, west into Texas and Oklahoma, and north into Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and Virginia.
Lacking petals, the four petallike sepals are bluish-purple, with crispate edges and often reflexed tips. The flowers are solitary, nodding at the end of long pedicels. The leaves are opposite, pinnately compound, usually with 3-5 linear to ovate leaflets, but sometimes more.
Seven species of Clematis occur in Florida. One is an erect herb and the other six are vines.

Clematis crispa is a member of the Ranunculaceae - Buttercup family.