Wild Florida Photo - Viburnum obovatum

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Viburnum obovatum




Florida native


This shrub or small tree of floodplain forests, streambanks, swamp margins and hammocks is common throughout most of Florida. Viburnum obovatum ranges into the coastal plains of South Carolina and Georgia, plus one county in Alabama.
The flat topped clusters of small white flowers appear in February and March, making this the earliest blooming of the Viburnums. Fruits are ellipsoid drupes from 6 to 10mm (1/4 to just under a half inch) long, initially red then turning black as they mature. The simple leaves are opposite, typically wider beyond the middle, sessile or short petiolate, and smaller than other members of the genus. The early flowering season and attractive fall fruit make Walter's viburnum a popular native landscaping plant.

Viburnum obovatum is a member of the Caprifoliaceae - Honeysuckle family.

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