Wild Florida Photo - Psychotria nervosa

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Psychotria nervosa




Florida native


Wild coffee is a common plant of hammocks through most of the Florida peninsula except for some of the most northern counties. The range includes Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.
This evergreen shrub has shiny green leaves with obvious depressed veins on the upper surface. The small, white four or five lobed flowers are sessile. The fruit is a red ellipsoid drupe.
Of the four species of Psychotria in Florida, only one other has sessile flowers. P. sulzneri ranges though the central and southern peninsula, has greenish-white flowers and dull leaves. The other two species are only found in extreme south Florida, including the keys. Bahama wild coffee is listed as endangered in Florida and has stalked flower clusters. Dotted wild coffee is native to Africa and also has stalked flowers, plus the lower surface of the leaves have conspicuous dots or spots.

Psychotria nervosa is a member of the Rubiaceae - Madder family.