Wild Florida Photo - Sagittaria isoetiformis

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Sagittaria isoetiformis


Florida native


An occasional plant of ponds, ditches and other shallow waters throughout much of Florida. The range includes the southeastern coastal states from Mississippi into North Carolina.
The small white three-petaled flowers are 1.3cm (~1/2 in.) or less in diameter. The racemes reach above the water in one to five whorls of flowers on spreading pedicels. The flattened grass-like leaves may be completely below the water (submersed) or extending above the water surface (emersed) like the flowers. Leaves are 4-40cm (~1-1/2 to 15-3/4 in.) long and up to 0.5cm (2/10 in.) wide.
Like all members of the Sagittaria genus, the flowers are unisexual, with the male flowers appearing higher on the raceme above the female flowers.

Sagittaria isoetiformis is a member of the Alismataceae - Water-plantain family.

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