Wild Florida Photo - Erigeron quercifolius

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Erigeron quercifolius



Florida native


A common wildflower of moist hammocks and disturbed sites in most of Florida. Not occurring in the western panhandle. The range extends throughout the southeast, west into Louisiana and Arkansas and north into Tennessee and North Carolina. Considered an exotic in Virginia.
The small daisy-like flower are over 1 cm (4/10 in.) wide and have over a hundred ray petals. The flowers can be white, pinkish or nearly purple with yellow disks. Blooming season is typically late winter through summer. The elliptic to oblanceolate leaves are hairy, mostly basal and lobed or toothed. The cauline leaves are clasping and reduced above. The stem is villous-hirsute.
The only other fleabane species in Florida with over 100 ray petals is Erigeron philadelphicus - Philadelphia fleabane - which occurs mostly in counties where E. quercifolius is not found.

Erigeron quercifolius is a member of the Asteraceae - Aster family.

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