Wild Florida Photo - Campanula floridana

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Campanula floridana


Florida native

Endemic to Florida


A common small wildflower of cypress domes, marshes, pond margins and other wet places in much of the peninsula from Taylor and Baker Counties south into Collier and Broward Counties, plus Franklin and Jackson Counties in the panhandle.
A perennial with weak slender stems to 40cm (16 in.) long that are often decumbent. Leaves are alternate, clasping, linear to lanceolate with gland-tipped teeth along the margin. The purple star-shaped flowers are 14-18mm (~1/2-3/4 in.) wide with five petals. The sepals are narrow, linear to lanceolate, 6-9mm (~1/4-1/3 in.) long, about the length of or longer than the petals.
The other two species of Bellflower in Florida are rare. American bellflower grows more erect, has conspicuously serrate-crenate leaves, and occurs in Gadsden, Jackson and Liberty Counties, Robin's Bellflower has even smaller flowers, with a corolla from 7-8 mm wide and sepals 1-2.5 mm long and is only found in Hernando and Hillsborough Counties.

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Campanula floridana is a member of the Campanulaceae - Bellflower family.