Wild Florida Photo - Monotropa hypopithys

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Monotropa hypopithys



Florida native

Endangered Florida species


This distinctive plant is rare in Florida, appearing in mesic hammocks in only four counties: Marion, Lake, Walton & Okaloosa. The range extends throughout much of North America.
Pinesap can be distinguished from the closely related and similar indianpipe by having several flowers per stem. Like indianpipe it often grows in clusters. Monotropa hypopithys has scales instead of leaves, is usually 10-25cm (4-10 in.) tall and yellowish-red, but can be pale yellow to nearly white. Flowers are urn-shaped and nodding. Fruit is a capsule that becomes erect when mature.

Monotropa hypopithys is a member of the Monotropaceae - Indian Pipe family.

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