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: No Taxon - Moths

Lake  Co. FL 09/29/02Actias luna
Luna moth
upperside of moth hanging upside down - entire

Moths at Wild Florida Photo

Apatelodidae - American Silkworm Moths

Spotted apatelodes - caterpillar on palm frond
Apatelodes torrefacta
Spotted apatelodes

caterpillar on palm frond

Arctiidae - Tiger moths

Echo moth - adult - on red bay leaf
Seirarctia echo
Echo moth

adult - on red bay leaf

Crambidae - Crambid Snout Moths

Beet webworm moth - dorsal view of moth resting on purslane
Spoladea recurvalis
Beet webworm moth

dorsal view of moth resting on purslane

Erebidae - Quadrifid noctuids

Agreeable tiger moth - dorsal view, angled
Spilosoma congrua
Agreeable tiger moth

dorsal view, angled

Geometridae - Geometrid Moths

Tulip-tree beauty - dorsal view on tree, close-up
Epimecis hortaria
Tulip-tree beauty

dorsal view on tree, close-up

Limacodidae - Slug caterpillar moths

Noctuidae - Owlet Moths

Notodontidae - Prominent Moths

Psychidae - Bagworm Moths

Evergreen bagworm moth - case, side view
Thyridopteryx ephemeraeformis
Evergreen bagworm moth

case, side view

Pterolonchidae - Lance-wing Moths

Pterophoridae - Plume moths

Pyralidae - Snout moths

Spotted peppergrass moth - side view
Eustixia pupula
Spotted peppergrass moth

side view

Saturniidae - Giant silkworm moths

Luna moth - underside of moth hanging upside down
Actias luna
Luna moth

underside of moth hanging upside down

Sphingidae - Sphinx moths

Hummingbird clearwing moth - moth and pentas
Hemaris thysbe
Hummingbird clearwing moth

moth and pentas

Tineidae - Clothes moths

Tortricidae - Tortricid Moths

No Taxon is a member of the Lepidoptera - butterflies and moths - Order

Other members of the Lepidoptera order

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